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Executive Coaching


noun:  the process of improving performance.  That can include start/stop/continue anything related to a desired outcome.

True or False: We practice far less than we know?

True. Sometimes we simply need a resource to help us achieve what we may know but not be doing, practicing or doing.  Kit Allowitz LLC is that resource.

True or False: There is more to do then time to do it?

True. In business…and life, there is always more to get done or achieve then possible to go after.  Getting focus and clarity on what the most important goals, strategies, actions and commitments are is the key to achievement of desired results and long-term sustainability.  Kit Allowitz LLC is that resource.

True or False: If desire is there, accountability adds substantially towards goal completion?

True. Whether you need help to check in on your desire related to a desired outcome and/or need an accountability partner to insure goal completion, Kit Allowitz LLC is that resource.


Kit Allowitz LLC follows a repeatable framework in working with clients to achieve goal completion. While the approach we find and use is unique to client needs, markets, challenges and complexities, the coaching framework works across all issues, and when practiced, results occur. 

Rooted in the Kit Allowitz LLC coaching framework is the principle of discipline, clients know what is expected for goal completion.  Clients know we will insure they will follow through on their commitments after the emotions of making those prior commitments has passed.  


Kit Allowitz LLC has worked with clients in a plethora of industries. 

   Our client list includes companies in:

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales

  • Management

  • Investment

  • Advertising

  • Healthcare

  • Distribution

  • Chemical

  • Technology

  • Restaurant

  • Government

  • Consulting

  • Finance

  • Hospitality

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